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Hey, I'm Laura!

I’m a Mindset, Life Coach & Leadership Mentor for high achieving, ambitious women & female entrepreneurs, helping them get crystal-clear on their life’s purpose, accomplish their business goals, lead with confidence & create their versions of success.

As someone who has struggled with financial issues as a new mum, low self-confidence as a result of past toxic relationship & feeling like everything I did was never good enough to deserve any type of success…

I know that there are still so many women around the world who are feeling this exact way, where they are often held back by their deepest fears & insecurities that stop them from making those BIG DREAMS into their REALITY.

So it has now been my life’s mission to infuse the same evidence based mindset tools & business strategy techniques that I have used to improve the relationship I have with myself & grow profitable 6 figure businesses as a stay at home mother, become the foundation of the work that I do with my clients inside of my programmes.

I’ve coached over 150+ women around the world on how to conquer their deepest fears, combat their setbacks, take the courage to redefine success & start their own wildly profitable businesses.

Laura Murillo

You need to 

that more is possible for you

Level up with laura

Confident CEO Mastermind

A 4 month hybrid private & group coaching programme for online business owners ready to release what is no longer serving them in entrepreneurship so they can lead with confidence &  become industry experts.

Through a mixture of mindset, thought leadership & strategic online marketing practices to help you grow a 6 figure business.



Confidence Unlocked

Confidence Unlocked is a transformational, live 12-week journey of full empowerment, where you will liberate yourself from limiting patterns of self-doubt, feeling like you’re never good enough to embodying your next level identity, becoming more worthy & leading with confidence.

This is Laura’s signature programme for women.

Enrolments now open until Sunday 18th December 2022.

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