Are you ready to transform your mindset,

elevate your confidence &

unleash your potential in life + business?



My name is Laura Murillo, and I’m here to tell you that you have the ability to create your life from within!

Empowering ambitious women to take action towards accomplishing their goals has always been my passion.

As a mindset & life coach, I have been helping millennial women from around the world transform their mindset, elevate their confidence and unleash their potential. 

Are you ready to unleash yours?

work with


Whether you want to manage your emotions, conquer your fears, fix your relationship problems, combat career setbacks or leave the 9-5 lifestyle to start your own business….

I gotchu girl!

Because we’re going to be focusing on the action steps that you need to make today, so you can FINALLY achieve what you desire in your personal or professional life!



Creating abundance is crucial for your own personal goals.
I'm here to help you boost your self-worth & level up your confidence to help you in your self-love journey.

For Female Entrepreneurs

A private & personalised coaching experience to help you ditch the imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis & overwhelm when running your online business!


Fearless Confident queens is An 8 week program for ambitious women who are ready to breakthrough towards their next level of success!

Ready to make 2021 the year you finally level up your mindset, boost your productivity & slay your goals!? It’s time to uncover what’s been holding you back from getting to your next level of success in your personal life or in your business.



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