Hi, I'm Laura

I’m a Mindset, Life Coach & Business Mentor for high achieving, ambitious women & female entrepreneurs, helping them get crystal-clear on their life’s purpose, accomplish their business goals & lead with confidence so they can step outside of their comfort zones to create their versions of success.

I’ve coached over

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women around the world on how to conquer their deepest fears

combat their setbacks, take the courage to redefine success & start their own wildly profitable businesses!

Because just like them, I was my worst critic, I was constantly stuck in my own toxic thought spirals & felt like I wasn’t good enough.

How it all began

What’s funny is that my definition of success was completely different back when I was 21. I used to believe that the only way to be successful was to join the corporate ladder, make my way up to a 6 six figure salary and live an extravagant lifestyle. You know, the handbags, private jets & a huge house in the middle of nowhere.

After graduating with my degree in Chemistry, from the University of Kent, UK (with my 6 month old son, yes!), I realised that God had a different plan for me.

I became a house wife/stay at home mum as I felt like I didn’t really have a choice! It was difficult to find a job that was flexible enough as a mum, it was hard to even afford those ridiculous nursery fees AND I was left questioning my identity throughout my motherhood journey.

I had spent a lot of time by myself for 3 years, changing diapers, making sure the house was tidy by the time my husband would come home, working on our side hustle at the time but I also decided to embark on my own personal development journey.


For so many years I knew I was lost, stuck & had no sense of direction. I lacked confidence, self-belief, my self-esteem was crushed to the ground & I was always questioning whether I was good enough at pretty much ANYTHING as a result of struggling with past toxic relationships.

That’s when I realised that I needed to do something different. It wasn’t even just about me but for the future of my family! I didn’t want to stay stuck in the same place and I was tired of letting my deepest fears and insecurities get in the way from starting a business and re-defining what success could look like instead!

So I went ahead and took the plunge, I stepped outside of my comfort zone, provided tons of value on Instagram, hired my first ever coach (with the little to no money that I had in my savings) & decided to launch a coaching business!

But just like many of my clients, I started with zero experience, zero testimonials and zero clue around how to build a profitable coaching business while still being a stay at home mum.

After all, it was something that I had already been doing with my closest friends and all my life I’ve been passionate about empowering and supporting other women to achieve those big hairy audacious goals (BHAG) that they had for their lives by helping them transform their mindset & elevate their confidence.

The only thing I had was determination to actually make it work even if I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. I learnt that I get to be in control of my life and I realised that the vision that I had for my life was far greater than my fears.

In my first year I made my first £5K month, £10K month AND I literally doubled what would have been my 9-5 salary back when I was applying for jobs in my first year!

Not only was I consistent but I became committed to doing the work by working on my mindset & taking action regardless of the obstacles that came my way.


Are you ready to master your mindset & create more impact in your life & business?

Fun Facts

I have coached over 150 women around the world

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