Confidence Unlocked

A 6 week transformational group coaching experience where you will learn how to transform your mindset, elevate your confidence & unleash your potential towards creating the life you desire alongside other like-minded women.

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Are you ready to:

Remove the limiting beliefs?
Overpower your inner critic?
Become the best version of yourself?

Do you hold yourself back because you don’t feel good enough?

Let me guess…

You know you are meant for more but self-doubt always manages to creep in and stop you from taking action?

You are constantly worrying what other people think of you because you fear getting rejected?

You question your ability to create your version of success so you never end up stepping outside of your comfort zone?

You are always falling down the emotional rollercoaster because you can’t seem to let go off the old stories & limiting beliefs playing in your head?

You feel the NEED to be “perfect”, you compare yourself to others and you question your self-worth?

You’re afraid of launching your business or side hustle because you’re afraid it won’t work?

Well I’m here to tell you there is another way! Recreating yourself and reprogramming your mindset from within is the first step you can take to start seeing changes in your life for good!

Imagine if you could:

Remove every single one of those sneaky limiting beliefs from your life so you are no longer held back from unleashing your full potential?

Release unstoppable & authentic internal confidence which means you never have to second guess yourself, use your voice to impact the life of others and be unapologetically you?

Have 100% self- belief in your abilities so you can achieve anything you set your mind to no matter how small or big a challenge may be?

Build the courage to quit the 9-5 that’s draining your energy, change careers or even launch the online business that gives you the freedom to be your own boss?

Have the power to release toxic thought spirals, unwanted emotions & know exactly what to do in those scenarios so you can be more in control of your life?

Create the life of your dreams that allows you to wake up every single morning feeling in love with you, what you do + have the time freedom to actually enjoy the things that bring you joy?

Confidence Unlocked

A 6 week transformational group coaching experience where you will learn how
to transform your mindset, elevate your confidence & unleash your potential
towards creating the life you desire alongside other like-minded women.

Because just like you, I found myself letting fear of failure get the best of me.

I didn’t know how to put boundaries because I was too busy caring how other people were going to judge me, I was always operating from a scarcity mindset, I stayed in toxic relationships for years because I didn’t value my own self-worth and I doubted my ability to start my own business because I simply didn’t feel good enough.

But I knew that deep down, I had a lot of potential if I really wanted to see positive changes in my life.

And that’s exactly what I did!

I worked and invested on my mindset that I’m now so aligned with who I am that I no longer let ANY negative situation affect my emotions, my worth & my ability to create success.

I learned to say no to things that no longer serve me.

I learned to appreciate my worth in relationships and I’m now in the healthiest marriage I always dreamed of.

I took the plunge to start my own coaching businesses, doubled my 9-5 income & I get to have the time freedom to enjoy my kids without asking my “boss” for days off!

I have the confidence to be who I am on social media unapologetically because I am no longer attached to the opinions of others.

And I know that you can also create the life you desire to have!

This is why I created Confidence Unlocked.

Where I will help you dive deep into reprogramming your subconscious beliefs that’s been holding you back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

By the end of these 12 weeks you will have learned the art of mastering your positive mindset, raised your self-awareness & emotional intelligence, broken up with your limiting beliefs, learned to step outside of your comfort zone without fear holding you back any longer!

Confidence Unlocked has helped women from around the world leave their destructive and unhealthy attitudes, behaviours and thinking patterns and finally build the courage to make their dreams reality by pursuing their passion, following their dreams and launching their online business!

And seeing as you’re here, I think we both know it’s time to focus on creating your version of success!

You’ll learn evidence based tools & modern applied psychology strategies to elevate your mindset mastery.


I can honestly say I was really happy with Laura’s coaching programme. Throughout every session, I was able to grow and learn things about myself that I didn’t even realise was possible!

I was able to manage my time wisely, get things done and create habits that benefit my everyday life.

Laura really listened to what I was saying and gave me the correct tools to grow each day. Teaching me how to control my emotions and build my confidence. I was extremely happy with the progress that I was making throughout each session and how positive and happy I was feeling after.

I can honestly say that Laura taught me so much and has given me the correct tools to grow each day as an individual.

Thank you Laura for your time and effort. You are amazing!


Laura has helped me see things in a different light and perspective. 

She has brought into surface aspects of my life that were holding me back as blockages and together we’ve been able to create action plans on how to overcome them through the coaching sessions & worksheets.

 I’ve seen an improvement in my determination & motivation towards changing careers to something that is more aligned with my values, adopting a more positive ‘I can do this’ mindset as well as not allowing people to have control of my life.

Thank you Laura for being present and a lovely human.


Before working with Laura, I struggled with negative self-talk and I had difficulties finding my identity as a new mother. I suffered from anxiety and it was difficult for me to set boundaries with negative people in my life. I was confused about the next steps to take in life.

Since joining her program I have been able to put in place boundaries with negative people and stop seeking validation from others. My internal dialogue has changed radically after toning down my inner critic. I have been able to reduce my anxiety and manage it better with Laura’s help and my level of self-awareness has increased tremendously. 

Today I feel grateful and enthusiastic about my life. I have regained my natural optimism after years of expecting and preparing for worst case scenarios. I’m willing to take action and step out of my comfort zone.

They did it, so can you!

Inside the program

Welcome pack

Receive a special gift from me delivered in the mail, deep-dive questions, affirmations & daily journal prompts, the exact ones I use today to boost my mindset everyday!

Value $97   Included in Confidence Unlocked

3 Months of Support

You get direct access to me in a private group so I can provide mentorship and guidance for the next 90 days. If you have any burning to ask questions, need me as your personal cheerleader & genuinely are in need of support & guidance, you know where to find me!

Value $3997 Included in Confidence Unlocked

2 x Group Coaching Calls per month

Two monthly group coaching calls of 90 minutes — where I will provide trainings, workshops & a safe space so you can get the answers to your most burning questions, coach you through your roadblocks & experience breakthroughs. 

Value $2997 Included in Confidence Unlocked

Coaching Resources

As a part of your homework to rewire your subconscious, release limiting beliefs & do the work in between our calls, you will get access to my library of digital workbooks & resources.

Value $997 Included in Confidence Unlocked

Exclusive High Vibe Community

“Who we surround ourselves with is who and what we become.” meaning that you need to be surrounding yourself with what your version of success looks like! Inside there will be a high vibe community with like-minded soul sisters to support you for a lifetime!

Value $997 Included in Confidence Unlocked

Lifetime Accessty

As all the calls will be recorded, you’ll be able to have access just incase you can’t make one of the calls during the program. You will never miss a thing and you can always come back to these anytime you need.

Value Priceless Included in Confidence Unlocked

Fast Action Bonues

Lifetime Accessty

Inside this bonus training, I’m going to be diving deep into how I work with my husband to keep my marriage alive and maintain it healthy all whilst still balancing motherhood & growing my online coaching business!

Value $197 Included in Confidence Unlocked

Meditation Library

Get access to my meditation library recorded by me where I cover meditations on self confidence, managing your emotions, visualisation & healing your inner child.

Value $297 Included in Confidence Unlocked

That’s a total value of over $10,000! But today you can get access to ALL of this for just a fraction of the price!

More client love...

Testimonial 4
Before working with Laura, my life was hell! I was my own worst critic, I couldn’t handle my intrusive thoughts, I underestimated myself and I couldn’t cope with everything life was throwing at me. I was struggling with depression, anxiety and a bad marriage.

After working with Laura, I have become more self aware, I learned how to challenge my thoughts and I’ve learned how to give myself self-love. I left my toxic marriage, I set boundaries with my toxic family members and I’m continuing to be consistent with what I want from life.

Laura truly cared for me! She met me at my lowest even before we started the program and she was always there for me. She motivated me to not give up and to take action on the things I wanted to accomplish. From the worksheets, or helping me figure out a schedule, I always had something to look forward to.

It is well worth it! I’m so glad I came across her IG page. Laura is someone who really cares and wants women to be able to live their best life.

If you’re considering working with Laura, GO FOR IT! You will not regret it, she gives you the tools and knowledge, but only you can make it happen
I struggled with a lot of mindset blocks and limiting beliefs. I reached a point in my life where I was tired of feeling down and I had lost control of my emotions.

When I started working with Laura she helped me understand where the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs came from & although she’s not a therapist, it was the first time I had spoken to someone on a deeper level and Laura really helped me to start the process of becoming more self-aware.

Today I am more in control of my emotions, I’ve picked up good habits, I feel more confident that I know I am a better mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Laura also helped me believe in my business and really nurture it properly. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed so much more. And whenever there are bad days but I no longer dig myself into a whole and sit in my feelings.

If you identified with any of the things I mentioned, don’t hesitate joining Laura’s program. She will equip you with the tools you need to tackle whatever problems you may have so you can take action. Listen to that voice that’s telling you to go for it, you won’t regret it.
Testimonial-Images-of-Clients (1)
When I came to Laura my confidence and self-esteem had been impacted from years of physical and psychological abuse from my ex partner. I was constantly feeling stuck in the past and I wasn’t able to be proactive towards achieving my goals for many years.

I set a goal in the beginning of 2020 to work on myself because I didn’t want to let my past to define my future. With the help and support of Laura, I have been able to grow as a person, achieve so many goals and see my future with hope and love.

I have become more confident within myself and boosted my self esteem.

What I liked most about working with Laura is that she has such a bubbly personality, which makes it super comfortable for me to speak to her about my struggles and areas I want to work on.

If you’re looking to work with Laura, she will provide you with a personalised coaching experience which will allow you the freedom to grow as a person.

Confidence Unlocked is built on a signature framework


Transforming your positive mindset, rewiring your subconscious mind & the art of positive thinking by becoming aware of the beliefs that are no longer serving us and creating new perspectives


This phase is all about releasing those limiting beliefs, fears & insecurities so we can elevate our self confidence, self-belief & self-worth and grow towards our next level self.


Unleashing your full potential is now about conserving the brand new you, implementing the tools into your day to day life for good & creating a REAL action plan towards creating your version of success!

Having clarity on the type of work you need to do, why this is important & the kind of life you want to create to provide the intention behind the work we will do within the next 12 weeks.

I’m going to make sure that you implement and adapt some of the most powerful tools and practices to set you up for success even throughout your most busiest days.

Let go of all the anger, sadness, & guilt you’ve been carrying within that’s been blocking you from creating the life you desire. You will experience freedom and weight lifted off your shoulder when you learn to let go.

When we learn the difference between who we are and who we want to be, we become aware of the areas we need to improve on, stop operating like the victim of our own life & become empowered towards making changes for good!

You will learn the foundation towards uncovering & releasing those sneaky limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck and you’ll learn the process towards rewriting yourself a brand new story that aligns with the vision you hold for your future.

Whether you have a fear of loneliness, rejection, failure or success, we’re going to uncover + remove the fears that are holding you back from stepping outside your comfort zone

The filter that we use to view ourselves and the world around us sets the stage to how we go on to live our life. It all starts by observing how to change the way you speak to yourself & improve your level of internal worthiness & confidence with some exclusive tools & techniques!

Self doubt, anxiety, whatever emotions seems to be taking a toll on you everyday, learning how to remove your insecurities & manage these emotions will help you become mentally stronger, improve your relationships & manage difficult setbacks.

Learn what, where and how to put boundaries in place as guidelines to how we want to be treated in our personal & intimate relationships & keep conserving our energy & mental wellbeing.

Now that we’ve been able to work through our mindset, it’s time to actually have a plan of action that feels good with the type of life that we want to create for ourselves. You will get crystal clear on the exact action steps you need to take in order to create your desired life.

What you'll learn inside...

It all begins when you say YES to yourself

You were made for this if:

This isn't for you if:


If you’re still scrolling and reading this far, it means you haven’t submitted that application just yet.

So let me ask you something…

If you still haven’t been able to fall in love with the women you are today, lack the clarity that you need in life & second guessing your worth & ability to create the success you desire…

Then it’s a sign you need to invest in yourself today.

Because let me be honest with you, the best investment you will NEVER regret, is choosing to invest on your mindset. You are the only one that’s responsible for how your life plays out in the end, whether you choose to make that dream life come true or not.

And trust me, I know how scary it can be, specially if you’ve never invested in yourself before. I was in your position once too. 

And every time I decided to close those tabs on the programs I knew deep down we’re going to be life changing, I continued to struggle on my own. Continued to search Google for answers for MONTHS & continued to stay stuck in the victim mindset as a stay at home mum for 3 full years!!

Until one day I realised that if I continued to NOT invest in what my heart desired, I’m just going to continue to sabotage myself.

So I only saw two options:

A: Stay stuck in the same place by not doing anything about it?

B: Chose to make a change for once and for all and go ALL in regardless of how scary it might feel?

I chose option B of course.

You see? It’s a decision YOU have to make today.

And you will only be ready to see results when your desire to make a change is greater than remaining the same.

So what will you choose today?

When I first said yes to going out to eat with Juan David, I had no idea he would be my husband today that would encourage me to follow my dreams.

When I first decided I wasn’t going to pursue a career with my Chemistry degree and instead start an online coaching business, I didn’t know I was going to be featured as one of the Top 10 Life Coaches in Yahoo Finance in my first year of business.

When I first invested in my first ever coach I was struggling with low self-esteem & was full of insecurities, I didn’t know I was going to have the confidence to be unapologetically funny on my Instagram platform that now brings in the most dreamiest of clients who are queing up to work with me!

I chose to take a leap of faith every single time.

So you might not know how Confidence Unlocked is going to transform your life and that’s okay!

We don’t always have to know it all but what we need to know is that you are ONE decision away towards becoming the best version of you & finally creating YOUR version of success.

So maybe when you finish this program, you’d be so frickin’ glad you decided to take that leap of faith today.

Frequently asked questions

why is now the time to join confidence unlocked?

I know exactly how it feels to run around in circles for months and even years feeling stuck, lost and with no sense of direction!

And if you’ve made it till the end of this page is because there is a part of you that really want to commit to your GROWTH but you’re wondering whether this is going to actually get you the results that you want right?

The thing is, not only did I put my heart into creating this amazing program for you but I can only take on the ambitious women who are ready for change NOW.

Not later. Not tomorrow. Because the ambitious women that I work with know that she’s meant for more and she’s now learned how valuable her time is. She doesn’t want to spend more months feeling confused and instead wants to create her dream life from within! She’s ready to be coachable by someone who’s walked the walk and someone who will be 100% committed to her growth more than anyone else.

I know making investments can feel scary ESPECIALLY if you’ve never invested in yourself before. But it’s time you stop sabotaging yourself from creating the life you want and put yourself first hun.

Because you essentially start seeing results the second you DECIDE to stand up for YOURSELF!

It is possible only if you want it and are committed to doing the work.

Say YES today and submit that application!

Magic happens when you commit to yourself

Are you ready to level up?