Fearless Confident queens is An 8 week program for ambitious women who are ready to breakthrough towards their next level of success!

Are you ready?

What if you had all of the evidence-based tools and strategies to leave your insecurities aside, overcome the mindset blocks, build authentic confidence, let go of everything that’s holding you back & unleash relentless potential in life & business?

And what if you could accomplish it all within the next 8 weeks?

FCQ uses my unique methodologies & signature frameworks that are proven to create incredible results for women all over the world.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You look at yourself in the mirror & you struggle to love at your own reflection.


You struggle to find your worth and you are easily moved by what other people think about you.


You lack self-belief and you can’t help but doubt your potential to create success.


You know you don’t want to settle for less but you can’t stop the negative “You’re still not good enough.” thought spirals.


You haven’t yet healed from the past and it keeps sabotaging your own relationships.


You struggle to make decisions for yourself and you find it hard to say no because you know deep down you are a people pleaser. 


You are sick and tired of feeling invisible and letting people walk over you.  


You see your life in a negative and critical way and you keep operating from a victim mentality.


You find it harder to manage your emotions and take on the challenges that life throws at you.


Deep down you know you are meant for more. You don’t want to settle for a boring 9-5 to just pay the bills but you are still struggling to find your purpose & the courage to launch your business!

It doesn’t have to be like this

If you have been feeling stuck, lost & with no sense of direction, you are not alone.


I was in your position a few years ago.


I had allowed every single external circumstance to determine what it meant about myself as a woman, mother & aspiring entrepreneur.


I struggled with low self-esteem, had ZERO confidence to speak my truth & I always struggled to see my worth. I remember seeing so many friends pursuing their passions while I struggled finding my own.


As I became a FULL TIME stay at home mother for 3 long years in my early twenties, I had genuinely convinced myself that my career was over. From losing my identity through my motherhood journey to getting rejected from jobs because I simply didn’t have enough experience for them.


A lot of the jobs were never flexible enough to be with my kids. I felt insecure & I doubted my potential & ability to succeed professionally.


However, I decided it was time to invest in my mindset. It was time to work on my self-love journey because I learned that true wealth ALWAYS starts from within.

I calibrated my mindset towards abundance & stopped settling for less than what I truly deserved. As a result, I started taking action and found my purpose was to support women around the world to build unstoppable confidence & achieve success in their life’s too. I built the confidence & courage to launch my coaching business that now I get to wake up every morning feeling fulfilled with what I have created for myself.

What other people think about me is irrelevant, doesn’t affect my self esteem because I know I’m worthy and I’m serving many women around the world to unleash their relentless potential.

I booked out ALL of my private coaching spots within the first month of launching and I replaced what would have been my 9-5 income & I went so viral that I grew my platform to 13,000 women. All In just UNDER 6 Months!

All because I made ONE decision.

I transformed my mindset, elevated my confidence & unleashed my potential!

And that is exactly why I created Fearless Confident Queen


A transformational 8 week program to help ambitious women like you level up to mindset mastery, build unstoppable confidence & build the courage to pursue your wildest dreams without letting ANYTHING get in the way.

How Does It Work?

Fearless Confident Queens is going to take you threw a step by step process,  embody my unique framework and give everything you need to transform your mindset, elevate your confidence &  unleash your potential so you can claim your next level of success in life & business. 


It’s specifically designed for ambitious women & female entrepreneurs who are ready to stop the negative thought spirals with proven & evidence based tools.


It’s your time to become a Fearless Confident Queen

You’ll Get The Evidence Based Tools Needed To:

Step into your highest self & level up to an abundance mindset

Boost your confidence & claim your next level of success without fear

Have the peace & clarity to ignite your passion & purpose

Build the courage to launch your side hustle or business

Here's What's Included

8 Epic Video Training Modules – Value $2997

Get access to 8 training modules where I breakdown the step by step process to ditch the overwhelm and claim your next level of success.
With my unique signature framework you’ll have access to evidence based tools & strategies.

Access To Laura – Value $3000

You get direct access to me in the group so I can provide mentorship and guidance ANYTIME you need it.

Workbooks – Value $497

Unlock the step by step process to reaching your potential using the FCQ worksheets, templates, daily activities, affirmations, checklists & habit trackers so you can do the work without any overwhelm.

Lifetime Access + Future Upgrades – Value PRICELESS

Becoming a member of the FCQ family by receiving all future upgrades FOREVER!

What else is included?

Exclusive Bonus Expiring After The 19th March

8 x Q+A Calls – Value $2997

These are highly-productive, group calls where we dive into what’s been holding you back on the road to success and thrive towards achieving your goals!

Exclusive Private Community – Value $19978

Have 24/7 access to your high-vibe sisterhood tribe who are taking this journey to new heights alongside you. This is your space to address any specific concerns or questions you might have as you go through the program.

These BONUSES will NOT be included after this launch so what are you waiting for?



One Time Payment

$ 697
  • 8 Epic Video Training Modules
  • Access To Me
  • Workbooks
  • Exclusive Community
  • 8 x Q+A Calls
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Private 60 Minute Coaching Call (7 Spots Left)

Split Pay

$ 267 3 Monthly Payments
  • 8 Epic Video Training Modules
  • Access To Me
  • Workbooks
  • Exclusive Community
  • 8 x Q+A Calls

Meet Some Of My Former Clients

Meet Lisa

I knew I was meant for more but I had so many fears and limiting beliefs that was stopping me from taking action. Laura's support helped me launch my business & leave my 9-5!

Meet Denisse

Before working with Laura I had a lot of self-doubt, I feared the unknown and I lacked self confidence. With Laura's guidance I am finally heading in the right direction, I can make decisions for myself & I feel confident in my own body & every other area of my life!

Why Is FCQ Different?

We take a totally different approach towards elevating your next level self. Rather than focusing on all the external noise from physical and material things, we teach you how to find your magic from within.


Module 1: Unlock Empowering New Beliefs

We’re going to dive right in & identify the sneaky limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success and ditch them for good! Because the beliefs you hold about yourself & the world around you will determine the results you go on to achieve!

Module 2: Embody an Abundant Money Mindset

If you keep operating from a scarcity mindset, we’re going to identify & cut out the toxic money beliefs and develop an abundance money relationship with NEW money beliefs to set you up for success.

Module 3: Overpower your Inner Critic

Are those toxic thoughts of self-doubt, the ones that trick us into thinking we’re not good enough creeping up again?! Let’s implement the foundations needed towards breaking up with the inner critic FOR GOOD.

Module 4: Revitalise your Next Level Self

Get ready to let go of everything that no longer serves you because honey, we are about to level up towards your next level self so consider this your ticket to freedom!

Module 5: Activate Remarkable Emotional Intelligence

Having a high level of emotional intelligence means you are more likely to achieve your life & business goals. You turn your intentions into aligned action and you make decisions like a badass leader!

Module 6: Build Unstoppable Confidence

Learn the EXACT proven based tools & strategies to build real and authentic confidence so you can finally start slaying the runway, live a more fulfilled life & become determined to achieve your goals.

Module 7: Self-Actualisation Mastery

Gain the clarity you need to focus on what’s more important to you. Build upon your most significant values and purpose so you can create the life & business you deserve.

Module 8: Mindset Rituals for Success

Now that you have built very strong mindset foundations, we’re going to create a plan of action so that you can stay on track towards building the success that you crave in your life & business!

My Frameworks Has Helped Countless Women Unleash The Best Version Of Themselves.

When you join Fearless Confident Queens, you’ll be 100% supported so you never have to ever feel stuck & alone. Between video training modules, worksheets, sisterhood community of like minded women, Q&A support & accountability, you will be UNSTOPPABLE after our 8 weeks together.

FCQ is about to give you all the evidence-based tools & strategies that you need so you can unlock your potential and level up your life & business.

Here are some of the accomplishments my clients have gone on to achieve with my framework.

This is your chance to claim your crown

We will get crystal clear on all of the mental blocks that are holding you back from taking action in your life & business so you can finally liberate yourself from destructive behaviours.


With a vast toolbox of all the evidence based mindset strategies that you can start implementing to unleash your true & authentic inner confidence.


We all need to learn to make decisions for ourselves, and especially when it comes to making investments for our personal growth.


You are not broken honey. You just need an extra push to start manifesting the life & business that you crave for yourself!

Create Your Life

Hey I'm


I’m a Mindset & Life Coach and my mission is to help women around the world become more self-aware, elevate their confidence and uncover their self-worth by removing all of the things that keep holding her back from seeing success in her career.


Why?  I was in your position only a few short years ago. 


I was feeling invisible, stuck in a toxic relationship, and lacked  the confidence to speak my truth.


Finally, I decided I was done settling for a less than incredible like, and began masterminding the art and science of mastering my own mindset.

So many people might call it “luck”, but luck doesn’t come to you, you go and find it if YOU want it.


Isn’t that why you’re here today?

because you’re ready to take action and grow towards becoming the best version of yourself?


I faced my most deep rooted fears, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns & destructive attitudes, so I could build the courage & confidence to launch a business that could give me the FREEDOM to create my own version of success. 


Now, I use my signature framework to coach women all over the world. Are you ready to be my next success story?


As seen in 

Client Wins

You Deserve a Fresh Start

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what 2020 has taught us about life.


That no matter what obstacle comes your way, you need to be strong enough to face them. You cannot control what happens to you. But what you can control is how you react to them and what meaning you choose to give to them.


So many emotions are being thrown at us and with so much uncertainty from personal and professional, we are still going to be stuck with ourselves.


You can’t run away from yourself, so take the time to invest in your personal growth. 

This is about YOU. You matter. Make yourself as a priority and take the leap today.

Is Fearless Confident Queens For Me?

This is for you if

Not for you if

More Proof? No Problem

Read More
Before working with Laura my confidence and self-esteem had been impacted from years of physical and psychological abuse from my ex partner. I was constantly feeling stuck in the past and I wasn’t able to be proactive towards achieving my goals for many years. I set a goal in the beginning of 2020 to work on myself because I didn’t want to let my past define my future. With the help and support of Laura, I have been able to grow as a person, achieve so many goals and see my future with hope and love. I have become more confident within myself and boosted my self esteem.
Read More
Working through Laura’s framework has helped me grow and learn things about myself that I didn't even realise was possible! I am now able to manage my time wisely, get things done and create habits that benefit my everyday life. One of my favourite sessions was learning to let go from things that no longer served me by going back to my childhood and understand where my low self esteem stemmed from! Laura not only was an amazing listener but she gave me the perfect tools to grow each day. Teaching me how to control my emotions and build my self confidence. I am extremely happy with the progress that I have made in such a small amount of time throughout our sessions and how positive and happy I feel as I am able to analyse situations, let go and move forward towards building more unstoppable confidence! I can honestly say that Laura taught me so much and has given me the correct tools to grow each day as an individual.
Read More
Since working with Laura, she has helped me see things in a different light and perspective. She has brought into surface aspects of my life that were holding me back as blockages and together we’ve been able to create action plans on how to overcome them. I’ve seen an improvement in my determination & motivation towards changing careers to something that is more aligned with my values, adopting a more positive ‘I can do this’ mindset as well as not allowing people to have control of my life. Thank you Laura for being present and a lovely human!
Read More
Before joining Laura’s program, I struggled with a lot of mindset blocks and limiting beliefs. I reached a point in my life where I was tired of feeling down and I had lost control of my emotions. When I started working with Laura she helped me understand where the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs came from & although she’s not a therapist, it was the first time I had spoken to someone on a deeper level and Laura really helped me to start the process of becoming more self-aware. Today I am more in control of my emotions, I’ve picked up good habits, I feel more confident that I know I am a better mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Laura also helped me believe in my business and really nurture it properly. I believe in myself and my ability to succeed so much more. And whenever there are bad days but I no longer dig myself into a whole and sit in my feelings. If you identified with any of the things I mentioned, don’t hesitate joining Fearless Confident Queens. She will equip you with the tools you need to tackle whatever problems you may have so you can take action. Listen to that voice that’s telling you to go for it, you won’t regret it.

Are you ready to manifest the best version of yourself this year?

To put in the energy, work & time commitment towards investing in your mindset?

Then let’s fast track your progress NOW!

Just imagine for a moment what your life could look like a year from today?

FCQ isn’t launching again until Fall 2021 so if you’re ready to put in the work this year, then join now!

Still have some questions?

You will receive instant access to the curriculum + community.

Our Q&A calls will commence Mid March (Date TBC) and times will depend on the availability of all the students who enrol but all calls are recorded and will be uploaded into your student portal so you can watch them.

No, we don’t offer them. I don’t want this to become an excuse to not put in the hard work from the start. So as long as you show up & do the work, this programme WILL produce you results!

YES! This course isn’t about strategy but it’s about helping you set the mindset foundations by removing every blockage you have internally, so you can then go on to build a thriving business!

How many times are you going to say, “Next time”, when all we really have is TODAY? This is the ONLY round you will have direct access to me up until Fall 2021! Future rounds with direct access aren’t guaranteed either so if you’ve been thinking of working with Laura, NOW is the time.

YES! All of the video training are taught by me and I will be present in our exclusive community to ask me any questions! PLUS our Q&A calls you will receive live support from me. It does not include private coaching support but you can also upgrade for a VIP spot!

Of course you can! You will have lifetime access AND access to ALL the future upgrades so you can feel free to revisit all the video modules in your own time + any recorded Q&A calls. However, I do advise to try to make it to the calls live to receive the full experience!

Sure, you can email us at hello@laura-murillo.com!

So, it looks like you have reached the end of the page…

Which means that you know THIS is the programme for you.

I know how scary it can be to invest in your personal growth but I can 100% promise you that this is possible for you.


Even if you’ve always suffered from managing your emotions, if you’ve never felt what it takes to be confident, if you’ve never taken the time to work on yourself.

Because the first step is always going to be about making that ONE decision.


Like I did back in 2019.


I made the decision to change my life and all of the success stories you just read.


This programme is about serving women who want to say YES to themselves. The ambitious woman who is ready to level up because she’s tired of playing small for so long. 


She knows she’s meant for more and is definitely not settling for any less in 2021 anymore.


So, if you are looking to be liberated from your own toxic thought patterns, receive pure abundance in your life & claim your next level of success then it’s a sign that you need to join us!


Will you create your life today?

One Time Payment

$ 697
  • 8 Epic Video Training Modules
  • Access To Me
  • Workbooks
  • Exclusive Community
  • 8 x Q+A Calls
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Private 60 Minute Coaching Call (7 Spots Left)

Split Pay

$ 267 3 Monthly Payments
  • 8 Epic Video Training Modules
  • Access To Me
  • Workbooks
  • Exclusive Community
  • 8 x Q+A Call

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