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I’m Laura Murillo and I’m all about empowering millennial women to transform their mindset,  elevate their confidence and unleash their potential to achieve their life and business goals!

 I replace analysis paralysis with empowering optimism and with a healthy headspace, women can attract the abundance they desire.


For so many years I was in your position.

I was lost, stuck & with no sense of direction. This meant that I had ZERO confidence, I would let my emotions control me ALL the time (trust me, I was actually known to be TOO emotional!), I wasn’t secured with who I was, my fears and insecurities were directing my life & I couldn’t let go of perfectionism. 

I would always question whether I was good enough to pursue anything in life.


I always had a passion for helping other women do well in their personal development journey or professional life. In fact, I would be the friend you’d call whenever you needed someone to set you straight and set goals with you.

But I never actually took that advice myself!

and then...


After graduating  in Chemistry at University, I took some time out to build a family.

This wasn’t planned at all though! I found out I was pregnant 4 months in for BOTH my pregnancies!

Fast forward 3 years later, I was trying to figure out my next move.

Chemistry teacher? Lab Assistant? Get a Phd?

I felt like I had lost my identity.

I went from wanting to be a fashion designer, to wanting to work for a BIG pharmaceutical company, to unexpectedly be a stay-at-home mother of a cheeky monkey and a diva queen.

I was rejected at job interviews for not having 2+ experience and this crushed my confidence even more.

I began to believe I wasn’t good enough to do anything and my insecurities took control of my life.


Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Laura Murillo


So I wanted to find my purpose. A real purpose.

I didn’t have a passion for working the 9-5, pay the bills and live for the weekend. I wanted something greater and I wanted to make a difference.

Ultimately, my desire to change became greater than remaining the same!

But I made ONE decision that I never knew would have changed my life forever.

I took the time to focus on myself.

I don’t mean painting my nails, daily face masks, getting my hair done or binge watching Gossip Girl…

I invested in myself for the first time ever because I wanted to love myself again and grow my self-awareness.

I knew that by doing so I would be able to know what I truly desired for my life.



I removed my limiting beliefs, gained control over my emotions and transformed my positive mindset.


I finally learned how to step outside of my comfort zone and I was able to elevate my confidence.


I found my purpose and unleashed my potential to start my online business that was in alignment with my values.

I began working with women from around the world to empower, inspire & help them grow their confidence, to unleash their potential and pursue what it is that fills them with joy!

Whether that’s starting a podcast, publishing a book, creating an online course & building a business…

Whatever it is that they desire requires stepping outside of your comfort zone.

So by removing all of the things that keep holding her back, deep rooted fears & limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns & destructive attitudes, she builds up her confidence to take action and create the life she’s always wished for.

It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.

and now...

Not only was I passionate about helping other women become more confident to achieve their goals, but I wanted them to actually thrive in their online business ideas using the exact same steps I took in mine to get booked out!

I remain consistent in my business regardless of the obstacles that I face because I have already mastered my mindset. I finally found my purpose and not only does it feel fun but it is in alignment with my core values!

And now it’s time you learn to master yours