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Ready to make 2021 the year that you finally level up your mindset, boost your productivity, slay your goals!?

Are you…

  • Feeling trapped by your own thinking?
  • Doubting whether you are good enough at what you do?
  • Letting your perfectionism get in the way of your success?
  • Feeling anxious because you’re afraid of making the wrong decisions?
  • Losing the confidence to go above and beyond?
  • Feeling stuck in a rut and it feels like there is no way getting out of this mess?

It’s time to uncover what’s been holding you back from getting to your next level of success in your personal life or in your business.

Slay your Goals Mini Course will teach you how to break up with all of your productivity and mindset blocks so you can finally achieve your goals this year!

After helping women break through the mental blocks that keep holding them back from stepping into the best version of themselves, from relationship, career, mindset, confidence, business so they could claim their next level of success in their life & business, I’ve developed the Slay Your Goals framework so that you can achieve the same results as my clients, like:

  • Getting their first booked published
  • Quit their job & became their own boss
  • Feel comfortable in front of a camera
  • Launch their online business & book their first client
  • Feel confident in their own skin 
  • Free themselves from past trauma
  • Find their purpose in life & build the courage to take action

What's Inside

Module 1: Breaking up with your inner critic – [$297 VALUE]

Dive deep into the negative thought patterns that lower your vibration & keep you stuck. You will learn how to change the narrative so that you can improve your health & create REAL value in your life & business. This module will identify where your core beliefs are to blame and exactly how to break up with your inner critic

Module 2: Jumping off the emotional roller coaster – [$297 VALUE]

You’ll receive proven action steps to have FULL control over your emotions. This module will help you say goodbye to feeling easily overwhelmed, allowing constant triggers to derail your success. I’m going to be teaching you how to stop this emotional rollercoaster and how to be prepared for it next time!

Module 3: Stepping outside your comfort zone – [$297 VALUE]

Once we identify & overcome the fears that hold you back, we’re going to step outside of your comfort zone. You’ll immediately prove to yourself that you’re capable of achieving more than you thought was possible, you’ll have more confidence in yourself & you’ll continue to prove to yourself again and again what you’re really capable of.

Module 4: Level up to mindset mastery – [$297 VALUE]

You feel like you’re on your way to success but then you fall into the thought spirals of “What ifs”, and you can’t seem to move past your scarcity mindset. Learn about how to jump into mindset mastery mode by implementing psychology principles & habits to help you shift your perspective & know what you need to do to stop falling back off track over and over again.

Module 5: Slay your goals – [$297 VALUE]

Once we’ve laid the foundation & destroyed all of your obstacles, we’re going to be implementing guaranteed tactics & strategies to slay your goals effectively and sustainably. Your confidence and discipline will get stronger, you start to unleash your full potential & you become a better version of yourself!

+ 5 Evidence Based Methods To Slay your Goals with Confidence – [$497 VALUE]

These proven methods are the foundation of my work and have transformed the mindsets for women all around the world. They’re usually reserved for my private clients ONLY!

+ Lifetime Access to the programme – [PRICELESS!]

You’ll be strengthening your mindset + reaching new goals for the rest of your life! You’ll be able to come back to this course over and over again for the tools you’ll need to overcome blocks & slay your goals every single time.

+ Exclusive Workbook – [$97 VALUE]

100% Accountability. The exact tools YOU need to help you put the module learnings into ACTION.

That's a total of worth of just over $2,000!

But you can get inside for

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Hey I’m Laura, 

Laura Murillo

Featured in Top 10 Featured in Top 10 Life Coaches 2020 – Yahoo Finance

I’m a trained Mindset & Life Coach helping ambitious women & female entrepreneurs like YOU get out of those toxic thought spirals, insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs & ANYTHING standing in your way from achieving ULTIMATE success in your life & business.

When I first launched my mindset & life coaching business I got booked up AND the business reached it’s £10K month within the first 6 months of launching! 

So are you ready for a full on transformation this 2021?

Staring in front of the mirror telling yourself “I can do this” is simply just not enough to get to the place you desire to be. 

Trying to ‘fix’ yourself isn’t going to work either, because you are NOT broken. YOU have so much control over the outcomes in your life. All you need to do is decide today that things are changing for once and for all. 

After working with women across the world through all walks of life, I have packed all of the steps you need right now to get to the place you want to be using my 3 Signature Framework.

Transform your Mindset. Elevate your Confidence. Unleash your Potential.

Regardless of how many obstacles get in the way, it is STILL possible.


YES! Regardless of your unique walk of life, the concepts & tools in this course can be used for any type of ambitious, goal getter!

No refunds! I’m here to empower you to your next level self!

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