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Laura Murillo

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Employees with high levels of well-being are proven to be more inclusive, productive & produce high levels of quality in their work.

Which means that workshops, webinars & live events are perfect for businesses and organisations that want to equip their teams and students with foundational mindset & emotional intelligence skills, so they can boost their self-confidence, productivity levels, team management & leadership skills.

It’s a great way to create a work culture that promotes inclusion & diversity by cultivating a safe space for mental wellbeing.

“An inclusive work setting enhances self-esteem; career achievements and progression; greater work-life balance; social connectedness and belonging; reduced discrimination, prejudice and harassment; and pro-social behaviour.”

Workshop Topics

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Remove negative mental roadblocks that are getting in the way from unleashing your potential professionally. Understand the root causes of imposter syndrome & learn transformational skills to manage your imposter syndrome when it shows up.
Perfect for International Women’s Day.

How to Stop the Emotional Rollercoaster

Learn how to reframe difficult challenges and implement effective tools to better manage heavy emotions, such as stress & anxiety. Understand how to boost your mental & emotional wellbeing and develop a better work-life balance integration.
Perfect for promoting a mental health wellbeing work environment.

The Self-Confidence Makeover

This workshop is perfect for releasing your deepest fears, insecurities and develop the right skills to build authentic self-confidence. Embrace your secret sauce and feel empowered to use your voice to lead and influence others in a positive way.
Perfect for starting big projects & ahead of important interviews.

How To Boost your productivity

This workshop is perfect for those that want the best tools to beat procrastination and improve their productivity so they can increase their work performance.
Perfect for team members who are lacking motivation, dealing with stress & burnout.

Customisable workshop topics available upon request

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